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Free lotteries ⋆ make money on the Internet without investments

Legislative provisions

Lottery conditions are determined by an agreement between the organizer of this event (operator) and a participant (natural person) - h. 2 Art. 1063 GK RF.

The contract is not in the direct understanding of the word, and by issuing a lottery ticket to a participant (in paper or electronic form).

The ticket must contain mandatory details, which are specified in Art. 12 ФЗ № 138 from 11 November 2003 of the year "About lotteries…” (hereinafter - ФЗ № 138).

By the way, in FZ № 138 there is no such mention at all, as an "instant lottery". And it is said, that holding lotteries using information and telecommunication networks is not allowed (excluding international and all-Russian) - h. 4 Art. 6.1. ФЗ № 138.

Literally, this concept means the following - this is a lottery, in which information about a loss or win becomes available to the participant immediately after buying a ticket. An analogue of this concept is presented in ab. 4 h. 2 Art. 3 ФЗ № 138 (by law, the so-called sweep lottery).

Free online lottery: how is this possible?

You don't need to spend your money on a ticket to play free lotteries. Most of these resources are, frankly speaking, fraudulent. There are several real sites, where players manage to win small money (near 10-100 rub.) and successfully get them out of there. Everything is built on them on the same principle.:

2. Disable your browser's ad blockers. Without this, you will not be able to play the free online lottery, since these sites make money from advertising.

3. Read lottery rules. They are usually primitive. The essence of most of these lotteries is to guess a certain number of numbers.. There are instant and draw games. The drawing is carried out using a random number generator. Some lotteries try to prove the fairness of the game, giving the user access to the archive with the numbers selected for the game. Access can be gained after playing.

4. You can play several times at once. Usually given 3-6 attempts per day. You can get additional tickets for viewing ads.

5. Withdrawal of funds is possible with minimum amounts from 10 rub. Read the terms carefully, some sites carry out withdrawal of winnings within several months. An electronic wallet is best suited for withdrawal.

Where does the money to win come from

Small wins are real, but where did the organizer get the money to pay them? What's the catch??

If you look at a couple of such free lotteries, then everything will become clear. There are a lot of ads on these sites., banners, pop-ups. In Stoloto state lotteries, the prize fund is formed from ticket sales, and in free lotteries - from ad views by site visitors.

The organizers attract players, and they, in its turn, will click on banners and watch ads. The more visitors, the more attractive the resource becomes for advertisers. Advertising here is relevant to the audience: Online Games, casino, forex, bitcoins, etc.. The organizers receive income from viewing ads and use part of it to pay out winnings (in that case, if the website builder is honest with his client). Advertising itself on such resources is quite cheap., you can't make much money on it, so, and penny winnings. Some lotteries announce jackpots of several tens of thousands of rubles.

In addition to advertising, it is sometimes suggested to purchase, eg, premium account, win multipliers or extra tickets, since the number of game attempts per day is limited.

How much can you win

It all depends on the conditions of the game. In the most popular lotteries for 1 the guessed number can be obtained from 1 to 50 kopecks. If you play the day 5-6 time, then it is quite possible to earn a couple of rubles. The chance of hitting the jackpot is minimal. There are no real reviews of large wins in free lotteries on the Internet. But there are many scammers, luring visitors to the site and even giving them a little money, which simply cannot be deduced.

Therefore, use only known resources., meeting requirements such as:

  • high attendance;
  • availability of real reviews on the Internet;
  • good and clear site design with simple game conditions;
  • no advance payment for the ticket, account activation, etc.;
  • the minimum withdrawal amount must be reasonable, since the winnings are very small.

Draw lotteries

Draw lotteries differ in that, that the prize fund is drawn between the participants at a certain point after, how ticket sales stop. Each draw is the determination of the winning numbers using the appropriate equipment.

With online draws every 15 minutes

Stoloto has such lotteries 6. So many lotteries have been created, so that those who want to play do not have to wait a few days for each draw. Generally draws are held every 2,5 minutes, what makes these lotteries "almost instant".

All draws are carried out through a computer program - a random number generator. The algorithms are based on the frequency of winning, but what number will drop out in each case, the program chooses randomly.

In each of the lotteries, the player selects several numbers from the proposed set, or several numbers in several fields. All this directly affects the likelihood of winning..

Lotteries are:

  • "Joker" (need to guess 9 numbers from 52 while, what is selected for circulation 15 numbers);
  • "Rapido" (need to guess 8 figures from 20 in one field and 1 figure from 4 - in another field);
  • «12/24» (need to guess 12 or 0 numbers from 24);
  • "Duel" (need to guess 2 numbers from 26 in one field and the same in the second);
  • "Top 3" (8 different game options, 2 tour)
  • KENO-Sportloto (coincidence 9 ticket digits from 9, or need to guess 10 numbers from 80, Total 42 win categories).

Each game has its own rules, but we will consider only the probability of winning a super prize - i.e, maximum possible winnings. Since mathematically, the probability of winning will have too many decimal places, count, how many tickets are there 1 super prize:

Lottery Maximum win Chances of Winning
"Joker" from 200 000 rubles 1:735 080
"Rapido" from 200 000 rubles 1:503 880
«12/24» from 500 000 rubles 1: 2 704 156
"Duel" from 100 000 rubles 1:105 625
"Top 3" to 30 000 rubles to 1:1 000
KENO-Sportloto from 10 000 000 rubles 1:1 000 000 000

These are only the maximum winnings, and in each lottery, part of the prize fund goes to, who guessed part of the whole combination.

Also, each game has additional features - multiplying coefficients, the opportunity to play several draws in a row and others. For this will have to pay extra, but the chances of winning are increased.

With "regular" editions

Stoloto also has a lot of such lotteries - more 10. For some, the circulation is 6 once a day, some - once a week.

Among the most famous lotteries is "Russian Lotto" (conducted with 1994 of the year), "6 out of 36" and "Housing Lottery". They all hold draws once a week and broadcast them on the NTV channel.

Other lotteries ("Gosloto" 4 out of 20 ", "Gosloto" 5 out of 36 ", "Gosloto" 7 out of 49 ", "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 "and others) hold a drawing with a "real" lottery drum more often - from 1 to 6 once every day.

All lotteries differ as in their terms, and the odds of winning:

Lottery What should be done Winnings Chances of winning Ticket price
"Russian Lotto" For the first 15 cross out moves 15 numbers of one field Millions of rubles, cars, at home, etc. 1:45 795 673 964 460 800 100 rubles
"6 out of 36" Guess all 6 numbers from 36 From 3 000 000 rubles 1:1 947 792 100 rubles
"Housing lottery" For the first 10 moves cross out all 10 numbers of any 2 lines Apartment in Moscow or 33 000 000 rubles 1: 381 376 365 460 100 rubles
"Gosloto" 4 out of 20 " Guess by 4 figures from 20 in two fields at once From 50 000 000 rubles 1:23 474 025 200 rubles
"Gosloto" 5 out of 36 " Guess 5 figures from 36 in one field and 1 of 4 - in the second From 1 000 000 rubles 1:1 507 968 40 rubles
"Gosloto" 7 out of 49 " Guess all 7 numbers from 49 From 30 000 000 rubles 1:85 900 584 50 rubles
"Gosloto" 6 out of 45 " Guess all 6 numbers from 45 From 10 000 000 rubles 1:8 145 060 100 rubles

Note, that despite extremely low probability of winning the jackpot in the "Russian Lotto" or "Housing Lottery", cases of big wins were. This is due to the fact, that there are a lot of tickets for these lotteries.

How is the instant lottery draw??

A free real money lottery game will help us show, how such projects are arranged. No need to register, log in through social networks and you already have money on your balance. Newbies are given small bonuses for registration 2-5 rubles, so they can test the service, understand the rules and interface:

One simple game is offered to users. Need to guess, what number the generator will give - more or less than the specified values. Rate and percentage (probability of winning) set at your own discretion. By setting the values, it remains only to press one of the buttons and immediately get the result:

The bet was on "Less", I managed to win and the money was instantly credited to the balance. After each draw, you can click the "Check the game" button and use Hash to make sure, that a generator was used and nothing was twisted.

Instant draw services offer different entertainment, and sometimes several games at once

It is imperative to take seriously their choice., because some don't pay. We did the hardest job for you and tested the most interesting options

Other free sweepstakes lotteries

Our editorial staff has prepared other free instant online lotteries with money withdrawal - less reliable and well-known, than the above. But it does not mean, that you shouldn't try to play.


Games are played for tickets. Every day is given 3 ticket, that is, you can play 3 times.

The rules of the game are as follows - the system makes a guess 6 digits. Depending on the number of guessed by the player, winnings are accrued. Yield table see. below.

By the way, there is a referral program - for each invited user, the system will add to the game account 20 % from his gain.


This site generates a prize pool at the expense of advertisers (equally, like all previous Internet resources). Therefore, for ordinary citizens, the game costs nothing..

The winning depends on the dropped 4-symbol combination. Get the maximum (100 thousand. rubles) can, if the “scoreboard” displays 0000.


Everything is simple here (as an everywhere) - create an account and get inside your personal account. Then we spin the "wheel of fortune".

The rules are as follows - numbers from 1 to 9. Depending on whether, what number the arrow will point to after a complete stop of the "drum", winnings will be credited.

Minimum you can earn 1 kopeck - if one is dropped. The maximum profit is 25 rubles (for a nine). Of course, winning the maximum is harder, since there is only one nine on the "drum", and a few units. The user himself / herself stops the “drum”.

By the way, before starting the game, you can try to guess, what will fall out - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. If the right number comes up, then the winnings will be doubled. for example, the user has thought of a nine, and she fell out. Means, pay him a total 50 rubles.


It is a mixture of instant lottery and computer 2D game.

The bottom line is the following - you need to shoot from a cannon at the dancing men, thus earning points. Earning a little experience, you can "shoot" on 1-2 ruble.

The only sad thing is, that the opportunity to "cut the loot" the creators of the site provide only 1 once every half hour. But every hundredth game played is rewarded with a 10-fold win.

It is important to visit the site daily or at least once a week. If the user account has been inactive for 30 or more days, it is simply blocked by the administration

so, to start making money on instant lotteries, you need to go through a simple registration procedure on the selected site. The number of attempts per day may be limited. Winnings are not too large in amount, but as entertainment, this way of "while away" the evening is quite suitable.

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The law enforcement practice and / or legislation of the Russian Federation is changing rather quickly and the information in the articles may not have time to be updated., taking into account the individual nuances of your problem, can be obtained by 24-hour free telephone:

or by filling out the form below.

Is it possible to play foreign lotteries

Many view Russian lotteries with obvious distrust - they are essentially run by a private company, draws can take place every 15 minutes, and the authenticity of video broadcasts is suspicious for some.

Therefore, they are considering the option take part in lotteries of other countries. There are many such lotteries, they are mainly held in the USA and European countries.

But they have limitations. for example, the rules of the most famous American Powerball lottery allow to sell tickets only in the United States (even excluding a few states). But the rules also do not prohibit citizens of other countries from participating through intermediaries..

There are many intermediaries now (websites of some of them are blocked in Russia), who receive money from users from all over the world and buy lottery tickets for them directly in the US or EU.

They work not just like that, but they take more from users, what is the real cost of a lottery ticket. for example:

  • MegaMillions: a ticket to the USA costs 1 dollars, and intermediaries sell them at 2-4 dollar;
  • Powerball: US price is 2 dollar, from intermediaries - from 3 to 10 dollars;
  • EuroMillions и EuroJackpot: price in the EU 2 euros, from intermediaries - from 4 to 8 dollars.

Foreign lotteries differ in that, that the sum of winnings and jackpots is orders of magnitude higher, than Russian lotteries. But it is also more difficult to win in them.. for example, in Powerball you need guess 5 numbers from 59 and 1 of 35. In the "Millions" - 5 numbers from 50 and 2 of 11.

As a result, the probability of winning is:

  • Mega Millions (USA): 1:302 575 350;
  • Powerball (USA): 1:292 201 338;
  • EuroMillions (Spain): 1:139 838 160;
  • The primitive (Spain): 1:139 838 160;
  • EuroJackpot (ES): 1:95 344 200.

Taking into account the "predatory" commissions of intermediaries real winnings in foreign lotteries relatively low. But many play them, since the jackpot can be measured in hundreds of millions of dollars.

Buy a ticket online in your personal account


Depending on the selected Stoloto lottery, the ticket buying process will be slightly different. Let's analyze in detail the process of purchasing tickets for the main lotteries: Russian lotto, Housing lottery, 4 of 20, 5 of 36, 6 of 45, 7 of 49.

If you are not on the main page of the site, and inside Stoloto's personal account, here on this page:

You need to go to the home page, by clicking on the Stoloto logo in the upper left corner of the screen.

You can also go to the "My tickets" section of your personal account

And press the button "Buy a ticket".

You will be taken to the main page of the official website of Stoloto and will be able to choose a lottery, which ticket you want to buy.

Buy lottery ticket Russian Lotto

To buy a lottery ticket Russian Lotto, on the main page of the official website, select the tile of the Russian Lotto lottery and hover the cursor over the button "Tickets by 100 ₽». The button will turn green and change its name to "Buy ticket". Click it.

You will be taken to the page for selecting tickets for the Russian Lotto lottery.

You will be offered ten tickets to choose from. To choose a ticket - click on it. Press again to cancel selection. Selected tickets are highlighted with a frame. If you do not like any of the offered tickets - click on the link "Renew tickets", which is located above the offered tickets on the right.

You can also pick up tickets with specific numbers. To do this, click on the link "Favorite numbers". Favorite number selection box appears. You can choose seven numbers in total. Selected numbers are highlighted in color. After choosing the numbers, click on the link "Pick tickets" and the system will select tickets for you, containing numbers of your choice.

After selecting the number of tickets you need on the right side of the screen, check the number of purchased tickets, the amount to be paid and click on the button "All payment methods"

Also pay attention to promotions, which are displayed at the top right of the screen

After that you will be taken to the page for choosing a payment method, where you can buy a ticket for the Russian Lotto lottery in a convenient way.

Buy a Housing Lottery ticket

To buy a Housing Lottery ticket, on the main page of the official website, select the Housing Lottery tile and hover over the button "Tickets by 100 ₽». The button will turn green and change its name to "Buy ticket". Click this button.

You will be taken to the ticket selection page of the Housing Lottery.

You will be offered ten Housing Lottery tickets to choose from. You can choose one or several tickets. To choose a ticket - click on it. Press again to cancel selection. Selected tickets are highlighted with a frame. If you do not like any of the offered tickets - click on the link "Renew tickets", which is located above the offered tickets on the right.

At your request, you can choose tickets with certain numbers. To do this, click on the link "Favorite numbers". In the field that appears, select the numbers. You can mark seven numbers in total. Selected numbers are highlighted in color. After choosing the numbers, click on the link "Pick tickets" and the system will select tickets for you, containing numbers of your choice.

After selecting the number of tickets you need, go to the right side of the screen. Check the number of tickets, the amount to be paid and click on the button "All payment methods".

After that you will be taken to the page for choosing a payment method, where you can buy a Housing Lottery ticket in a convenient way.

Buy lottery ticket 4 of 20, 5 of 36, 6 of 45, 7 of 49

Choose your favorite lottery (eg, lottery "4 out of 20", hover over the button "Ticket from 150 ₽». The button will change color and name to "Buy a ticket". Click the button.

You will be taken to the next page, where you can choose a combination and place a bet. To select a number, click on it, the tile with the number will change color. To mark the selection of a number - click on it again. You can also use the "Clear" button, which is located under the playing field, to deselect all numbers: the playing field will be cleared.

After selecting all numbers in all fields, the sum will be displayed on the right side of the screen, which will need to be paid.

You can add one or more tickets, by clicking on the "+ Add ticket" button at the top. New ticket will appear below.

After filling in all the tickets, click the button "All payment methods".

And you will be taken to the payment selection page. On this page, choose a convenient way to pay for your ticket and finish the purchase.

List of free online lotteries

For those, who is interested in this topic, I give a list of sites, giving the opportunity to play for free and try your luck at gambling. They fell into the category of a little less reliable, although I may be wrong in my conclusions.

The most popular lotteries at the moment:

LotoFun - the principle of the site is similar to the Social Chance service. Choosing rooms. If they match, we get a win. Winning rates depending on the guessed numbers.

Per day is given 4 attempts. Additionally, you can get several attempts over the limit. Withdrawal of funds is available when accumulating on the balance 16 rubles.

zemoney — 2 similar sites with the same game principles (built on one engine).

Depending on the drawn combination, we get our winnings.

Of the additional buns .... a lot of constantly running various competitions. Several dozen prizes. Usually 20-30. For the first places they give 100-200 rubles. And further downward: 80, 70, 50 ……..15, 10 rubles.

disadvantages. Sometimes ads are very annoying. Its a bit overkill on the site.

Lotzon is one of the oldest and largest sites. Gives 6 attempts per day to participate in the lottery. According to principle 6 of 49. Draws take place every day. The winnings are awarded in points. They can be exchanged for prizes, money certificates or spend on replenishing the balance of a mobile phone.

Additionally, you can play popular games with users (Sea battle, Fool and others). Making bets (money or points). Such is the "underground" casino. )))

24 bonus - spin the wheel of fortune. Making money. On the drum there are numbers from 1 to 9. The win is calculated from the rolled value. Minimum 1 penny, if one dropped out. Maximum - 25 rubles for nine.

Naturally, more units on the drum, and only one nines.

Before starting the wheel, you can try to guess, what will be the winning number. If you guess correctly, all the winnings are multiplied by 2 times. For every hundredth game win x10.

Small spoiler. IN 90% cases you will get a one or two. Therefore, when trying to guess the number to double the winnings, always bet on 1. Can't go wrong.

midasbox - treasure hunt. Choose a place on the map, where do you want to dig. Each treasure has its own value. You can find gold coins, which can be exchanged for real rubles and withdrawn.

Either sell the collected inventory on the market or "mold" valuable items from it.

The day is given 4 attempts. Before each attempt, you need to look already 4 advertising on 13 seconds!!! The idea of ​​the site is interesting, but this ad really pisses me off.

Boniki - a mixture of games with the possibility of a small income. Once in 30 minutes the user is given an attempt to shoot from a cannon at the dancing men - "boniks".

For each successful hit, a progressive cash reward is credited. With the advent of experience, it is almost always possible to earn a minimum 0,5-1 ruble. One lucky shot at a time 10 rubles. And there were several successful five-ruble attempts.

With every hundredth game, the winnings increase by 10 time!

There are many other similar services.. But honestly, по моему скромному мнению, this is a frank slag: ad-hung, with a bunch of different glitches and flaws. Immediately visible, что сайты делались на коленке горе-создателями, in order to quickly cut down the loot. And they don't care about visitors. Or rules that are not very comfortable to play.

TOP of honest and real free lottery sites on the Internet

Unfortunately, most of the free lottery sites on the network are created by common scammers. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the sites, proven by time and practice. The organizers do not require any initial investment from users, and payments are made to the WebMoney wallet. If you don't have such a wallet yet, it can be easily registered.

Despite, that such sites regularly try to block Internet providers, them, all the same, can be found:


Draws are held in 21.00 according to Moscow time. Minimum, which the user can output, is 30 rubles - through any of the payment systems ("WebMoney", "Yandex money", phone balance). By the way, a little over a year ago, this site was in trouble: scammers have hacked accounts of more than 4000 participants.


Draws are held in 18.30 according to Moscow time. Minimum amount, which can be withdrawn to the account, is already 180 rubles and depends entirely on, what is the current rate of bitcoin. Choose a Bitcoin wallet as a payment system. Yes, this is not quite a familiar lottery, since payments here are made in bitcoins.

For the correct answer, the participant will receive a small number of coins for free. После этого надо перейти в опцию Lottery и приобрести лотерейный билетик за 0.00000001BTC. Better buy tickets for the whole amount and expect the result with a repetition of the operation hourly (more chances).

Если сравнить Freebitcoin с предыдущим вариантом, you do not need to select numbers on the ticket here. During each draw, the system automatically selects participants, playing several prizes between them. The prize pool depends entirely on, how many tickets were bought, and the drawing itself is held every seven days.


Draws are made every day from 11:00in Moscow. Anyone can register and participate in the game, and after registration, a beginner is invited to play 6 different lotteries, having their own rules and prizes.

A variety of payment systems are used for settlements:

  • Yandex money;
  • Qiwi;
  • Payeer;
  • bank cards;
  • phone bill.

Withdrawal amounts depend on the specific type of lottery, but minimal - from 50 rub. to 20 thousand. rub. Referral system activated, it provides the user with additional game options.


The Zemoney resource does not make its players languish in anticipation. You will know the result instantly. You can play several times a day, and the "minimum wage" for withdrawal - 16 rub. If you're lucky, you can take the jackpot. The lottery is completely free, the resource operates at the expense of advertisers' money.

The draw is made every hour. To do this, you need to fill out one ticket, in which to choose 6 figures from 49.


This resource does not require cash investments, if you play only for that ruble, what is given to the player with a daily bonus. To participate, you need to register through one of the popular social networks, and to receive winnings, open a wallet in Yandex or WebMoney. Money can also be withdrawn to the balance of a mobile phone. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 rub.

The results are known immediately after the selected game variant is played. There is a rather profitable referral program. In addition to the daily bonus in 1 ruble, each newcomer who has just arrived receives an amount of 3 ruble.


A novelty among team games. Players bet on one of two teams. Time is counting down, the number and amount of bets increase, and when the timer reaches zero, a drawing is in progress. The chances of winning the higher, the larger the bet amount was placed by each player. Everything is extremely simple.

Minimum withdrawal amount - 10 rub. Money is withdrawn through Yandex payment systems, Webmoney, Qiwi, Payeer, as well as using a bank card and phone.

List of free lotteries with real winnings

The two free online lotteries have the highest level of trust: Social Chance and Lotofreebie. These are the most popular and proven ways of gambling..

Social chance (socialchance.ru)

Social Chance is a well-known free lottery game. The project is positioned, as a free online game with the opportunity to win real money. As in any lottery, it all depends on luck. The organizers are betting on the social activity of the participants, who will actively talk about the project in social networks and invite referrals, increasing the audience of players.

The rules of the game are standard and simple:

  1. Register in your personal account, where balance and number of attempts will be displayed.
  2. Go to the "Play" tab and select 6 any numbers. Exists 2 version of the game: "In order" and "in any order". In the first case, the numbers must match strictly in order from right to left, in the second - in any order. The corresponding game level can be selected in the settings.
  3. For 1 match is awarded 0,01-0,1 rub. To play "in any order" it is enough, to match at least one number from any card.

The second version of the game is more difficult and the prizes are higher.

The day is given 6 free attempts (chances). The number of chances can be increased, if you link to a social network account, join official groups or watch ads.

Before starting the game, you can download an archive with a combination of numbers from the site, which the system chose. The password for it is issued after the end of the attempt. This site confirms the honesty of the lottery, just no guarantee, that the numbers in the archive are indeed preset.

Once a month, a jackpot is drawn among the players (10000 rub.), which is distributed depending on the occupied place according to the rating of the participant.

Minimum withdrawal amount 50 rub. You can transfer savings to e-wallets.

Pros of the lottery:

  • You can have fun, satisfy your needs for passion, without sacrificing finances.
  • The game is completely free. Buying a VIP account, over-limit attempts and winnings multipliers (modifiers) carried out only from the personal account of the account, that is, from the funds accumulated from the lottery. There is no deposit function on the site.
  • You can get real winnings, but it will be an insignificant amount. If you play every day, then by the end of the month it is realistic to accumulate a minimum for withdrawal.
  • There is honesty control.
  • Doesn't take a lot of free time, as the chances run out fast.
  • There is an affiliate program.

Cons of lottery:

  • Lots of negative reviews on the Internet. The main problem is difficulties with the withdrawal of funds. The process takes from 4 weeks before 2 months.
  • The minimum amount for withdrawal is accumulated for a long time. Mostly charged by 1-10 cop. for a lucky try.
  • For withdrawal from the participant, a commission is charged by the system.
  • The site is unstable, often unavailable or overloaded. No guarantee, that the project will not be locked, like many others like him.
  • Lots of intrusive ads.


Unlike Social Chance, Lotofreebie offers free draw lotteries. The result of the game becomes available the next day. The site itself is nicely designed and not overwhelmed with ads.

Rules of the game:

  1. Register in your personal account with confirmation e-mail.
  2. Click on the "Play" button and go to the playing field, where is offered 6 different games. I.e 6 free attempts. In the first version, "Super Game" should be noted 7 numbers.

To get the prize, you need to guess from 4 to 7 numbers from 50. Other games are of the same type - mark 6 any numbers, win matches from 4 to 6 numbers on the ticket. Tickets resemble Stoloto draw lotteries.

After filling out the tickets, information about the date of the draw will appear in your personal account. New attempts will be available the next day.

Results are displayed in your personal account in the "Results" tab, like lotteries from the Stoloto website.

Real money and emoticons are given as prizes, which can be spent on an additional game.

It is allowed to withdraw funds to electronic wallets, bank cards, phone bill, etc..

Pros of the lottery:

  • Free to play, have fun and recklessly. The lottery is similar to the classic Stoloto lotteries.
  • The maximum winning is declared in 20 million. rub. Get it unreal, but 5-10 rub. you can win.
  • You can buy games for emoticons, accumulated during the game.
  • There is an affiliate program.

Cons of lottery:

  • few reviews on the internet;
  • no information about the winners, who received real big winnings;
  • no data on the minimum withdrawal amount.

Conclusion + personal review of the free Lotzon lottery

Lotzon is a real find for people, who love lotteries and freebies. On the project, you get a chance to become a little richer every day, at the same time without risking anything and spending nothing, except for your personal time.

Therefore, my personal review of the Lotzon free lottery is extremely positive.. I regularly participate in draws, I consistently withdraw earned funds and gradually accumulate points for valuable prizes. It takes me no more than a day to do everything about everything 5 minutes, so I highly recommend this service for using!

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