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Mega-Sena is the lottery that pays millions to the winner of the 6 numbers drawn. But who gets it right 4 or 5 numbers also wins. To realize the dream of being the next millionaire, you must mark 6 a 15 numbers, between the 60 available on the steering wheel. You can let the system choose the numbers for you (Surprise) and / or compete with the same bet for 2, 4 or 8 consecutive contests (Stubborn).

Bolão CAIXA is the possibility that the bettor has to place bets and share with his friends or family members in several odds / fractions, just fill in the appropriate field on the steering wheel or ask the lottery attendant directly. All with great security and guaranteed receipt of the award, in the case of a winning bet.

In the case of Mega-Sena, the tickets have a minimum price of R $ 10,00, each quota cannot be less than R $ 4,00, making it possible to make a minimum of 2 and at most 100 quotas.

You can also buy jackpot shares organized by Lottery Units. In this case, an additional Service Fee of up to 35% the quota value.

Mega-Sena draws are held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The minimum bet, of 6 numbers, costs R $ 2,00. The more numbers you dial, the higher the price of the bet and the greater the chances of winning the most coveted prize in the country.

The gross premium corresponds to 46% of the collection, the additional for the Ministry of Sports has already been computed. Of this percentage:

  • 35% are distributed among the hitters of the 6 numbers drawn (Sena);
  • 19% among the hitters of 5 numbers (What);
  • 19% among the hitters of 4 numbers (Quadra);
  • 22% accumulated and distributed to the hitters of the 6 numbers us final contests 0 or 5;
  • 5% get accumulated for the first track – year – of the last competition of the year with zero or 5;

There is no hit on any track, the value accumulates for the next contest, in the respective prize range. Be sure to check your betting slip

Awards expire 90 days after the draw date. After that period, the amounts are transferred to the national treasury for investment in FIES – Higher Education Student Financing Fund

Mega of the Turn – Mega-Sena New Year Special Contest.

The last final Mega-Sena contest 0 or 5 of each calendar year, which has the trade name MEGA DA VIRADA and obeys the following rules:

Marketing term

During the months of November and December with independent betting and concurrent with other competitions of the modality, using specific steering wheels (CAIXA will inform in advance the date of the start of sales and the MEGA DA VIRADA contest number that will be drawn on the day 31/12)

Distribution of the amount intended for the payment of premiums:

  • 62% – first track – six hits (year).

  • 19% – second track – five hits (which).

  • 19% – third track – four hits (quadra).

Composition of the first award track (year):

  • 62% of the percentage allocated to prizes, according to the collection of the respective contest;
  • 19% – second track – five hits (which).
  • 19% – third track – four hits (quadra).
  • The cumulative total for the last zero or five contest in the calendar year;
  • The cumulative total for the zero or five final contest (year) from the previous contest, when.

Accumulation criteria:

  • There are no winning bets with six numbers (year), the prize will be prorated among the winners of five numbers (which);
  • There are no winning bets with six and five numbers, the prize will be prorated among the winners of four numbers (quadra);
  • There are no winning bets in any prize ranges, the values ​​accumulate for the next contest, in the respective tracks.

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Distribution of the prize fund of the game

The founders of the MegaMillions lottery are reliable and experienced in the lottery industry. Prior to the creation of this game, the organizers held games for players from Virginia and Georgia.

When organizing MegaMillions, it was decided to distribute the prize fund as follows:

  • 50 percent of funds go to winnings;
  • 15 percent - remuneration of ticket sellers;
  • 35 percent go to the state budget, where is the game.

The money allocated to local budgets from the sale of lottery tickets is most often used to conduct state charitable or social programs.

Prizes, whose owners did not have time to declare them, also go to the needs of the government. One of these prizes was the win, размером 31 000 000 dollars. This story took place in 2007 year. Player, whose ticket was lucky, just didn't show up for my prize. The winnings were divided equally among the states at the end of the period, allocated by the organizers for the players to receive prizes.

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