All about casinos in Montenegro

Montenegro – second Las Vegas

The main feature of Montenegro – inexpensive vacation. Many tourists come here not only for this, to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature, see the sights, swim in the sea and sunbathe, but also visit the casino, and there are a lot of them in Montenegro.

In this country, at the legislative level, there are ideal conditions for the development of the gaming business. The Government of Montenegro has provided comfortable conditions not only for operators, but also for the players themselves. There are over five hundred casinos in this country, that's why it's a gambling paradise. This attracts many tourists to the country of mountains., and, hence, state budget revenues are growing. This figure is actively growing every year..

Now let's get acquainted with the most popular gambling establishments in Montenegro. They are so different from others, that they are sometimes compared to city landmarks.

Choose a casino in Montenegro

Many travel companies organize special casino tours, the essence of which is, to attract as many players as possible to visit casinos in Montenegro.

Acquaintance with gambling establishments:

Casino "Podgorica"

It is located in the capital of the country.

Feel like an elite and a player in the Avala casino, which works in the city of Budva. Expensive and luxurious atmosphere and service at the highest level and other wonderful moments ensure a great pastime and a unique atmosphere. Casino Kotor will also help you combine relaxation and gambling. This city has another interesting place, for example a hotel complex, who runs the WIN casino.

The city of Budva is not a gambling Mecca, no wonder, since the city has a Spa status. Popular, except for "Avala", are such casinos, as Queen of Montenegro, Saint Stephen and the Maestral, which always have a sufficient number of players. Each gambling establishment has its own style and it is difficult to single out the best one..

Lodging and bills

The bulk of tourists and a larger rental market are in the Budva Riviera. Business people usually look for apartments in the capital of the country - Podgorica, where there is no sea. We, in Herceg Novi, there is a sea and the price tag for rent is not the highest.

I live in opstina - a Montenegrin community - in the city of Herceg Novi, so I'll tell you about, how are things in this part of the coast. In other parts of the country, the situation may be different.

In my region, the average rental price of a small two-bedroom apartment is 400-500 € (35 908—44 885 Р) per month. For this money, you can rent a house in good condition and with air conditioning. There is no central heating in Montenegro, therefore, a good air conditioner or a fireplace in the apartment is very important.

Property is often searched for by acquaintances, on facebook, in agencies and on the main website for the rental and sale of apartments and houses in Montenegro

All about casinos in MontenegroApartment for a long time 300 € per month in Herceg NoviAll about casinos in MontenegroAccommodation for 450 € per month in Herceg Novi

Lease transactions are usually accompanied by a realtor, who takes a commission from the owner in the amount of 50-100% of the rental price per month. If the apartment is expensive and costs from 1000 € (71 815 Р) per month, then the cost of services can be fixed. It all depends on the realtor.

When renting, a contract must be concluded, and the landlord is obliged to pay taxes on this income. If there is no agreement, then at any time you can be evicted without explanation. I do not recommend renting a house this way, even from friends.

I rent a small one-bedroom apartment - this is an analogue of a two-room apartment. She is in a new home. I pay for rent 300 € (21 545 Р) per month, utility bills cost on average 100 € (7182 Р) per month:

  • electricity - 50-60 € (4309—5170.8 Р);
  • the Internet - 30 € (2154 Р);
  • water - 8—12 € (862—1293 Р);
  • garbage collection - about 5 € (359 Р).

The main item of utility costs in Montenegro is electricity. There is more on the street in the summer +40 °C, therefore the air conditioner often works for days. In winter, a strong wind chills the house, therefore you have to heat the apartment with air conditioning and electric heaters. Local residents most often buy firewood for the winter., but not everyone has fireplaces and stoves in apartments.

You can pay for electricity by credit card on the local bank website. I pay for water and garbage collection in cash at the post office.

Usually for electricity I get about 50 € per month, but in january 2020 years have passed already 97 € (6966 Р). For a large house, the bill and on 250 € (17 954 Р) during the cold winter month is not uncommon.

All about casinos in MontenegroHistory of my electricity payments for the last 12 months. Screenshot from personal account on


There are several mobile operators and home internet providers in Montenegro. The largest are MTEL, Telenor, Crnogorski Telekom. All tariffs are about the same, communication quality too. 4G mobile internet is good and fast: you can work with a laptop, stream music and watch TV series.

I use MTEL services. I pay for mobile Internet per month 9 € (646 Р) for 10 GB. Home wired internet costs 30,99 € (2226 Р) per month. If you conclude a contract with the provider for several years, give a discount.

You can top up your account on your phone in any supermarket or in the operator's mobile application. All applications in Montenegrin, therefore, it can be difficult to understand without translation.

Home wired Internet speed Service connection in the mobile operator's application for iOS

Pensions and taxes

Average pension in Montenegro - 289 € (20 755 Р). Higher in the Balkans, only Croatian pensions - about 300 € (21 545 Р). This money is not enough for life, that's why Montenegrin old people make money on tourists: rent them rooms in season, grow fruits and vegetables for sale.

The tax system in Montenegro is similar to the Russian one. The main taxes here are corporate and personal income tax., VAT, real estate tax and real estate sales tax. All companies are still required to pay social contributions from the wage fund..

My main problem with taxes in Montenegro is the small threshold of duty-free entry. VAT 21% all incoming parcels with a value higher than 75 € (5386 Р), and for parcels with a value higher 150 € (10 773 Р) you already need to involve a customs broker. Even if it's a package from a friend, customs can still open it, assess and claim VAT and duty.

I have no desire to contact customs, so I always deliberately fit into the duty-free limit.

Visas and relocation

Montenegro, in my opinion, one of the easiest countries to emigrate. Montenegro has a visa-free regime with Russia, therefore, to move here you only need a passport and a plane ticket.

Russian citizens can stay in the country up to 30 days. Then, according to the law, you need to leave for a day and you can return again. Many emigrants from Russia leave the country for a day every month and live like this for years. This practice is called visa run., as an everywhere.

When my husband and I are in 2018 moved to Montenegro, then flew to the country as tourists, just with a lot of luggage. No problems and questions arose at the border. Although in general in Montenegro there are restrictions on the import of cash and things. You can import up to 10 thousand euros and personal items. Expensive equipment, such as TVs, you need to declare and pay for this import duties. It's better not to bring drones at all, because without prior agreement with the Montenegrin authorities they are confiscated at customs. We didn’t bring anything like that and calmly passed security check at the airport..

With such a bunch of suitcases we moved to Montenegro

Residence. For permanent residence in the country, you need to get a borawak. This is what Montenegrins call a temporary residence permit. This is a blue plastic card, which is issued for a year. Then every year it needs to be renewed..

After five years of living in the country, you can get a permanent residence permit - steel boravak. They give him out to, who renewed their travel in a timely manner and did not change the reason for their stay in the country. For a permanent residence permit, you need to pass an exam on the knowledge of the Montenegrin language. Across 10 years of living in the country, you can apply for citizenship.

The most common reasons for obtaining a boravka are opening a business and buying real estate in Montenegro.. You can also go to university or get a job, but these paths are used less often.

My temporary residence permit in Montenegro - boravak

Opening a company. When I moved, my husband opened a company in Montenegro and got a boravak as its director. I was given a family reunion borawak.

It's easy to open a company here: for this you need to show a small package of documents to the police, register a company and open a bank account. Russian-speaking intermediaries often help with these formalities for a fee.. We did everything ourselves and spent on opening a company and preparing documents for boarders 630 € (45 244 Р).

The minimum maintenance of the company costs us about 100 € (7182 Р) per month: 50 € (3591 Р) accountant for reporting, 40 € (2873 Р) social contributions for the minimum salary of the director and 5-10 € (718—1436 Р) for banking services.

Buying a property. You can also buy real estate in Montenegro to obtain a residence permit.. You can buy a house or apartment in any condition and at any price, even a barn on urbanized land will give the right to obtain a temporary residence permit. But I don't know anyone, who would do that. Most often people buy normal apartments and houses, livable.

Real estate prices in Montenegro are different - it all depends on the area, states and locations. Houses are cheaper in the mountains, than on the coast, and in cities it is more expensive, than in small villages. Near me property prices start from 1400 € (100 541 Р) per square meter. Small studio in 35 meters can cost 55 000—60 000 € (4 308 918—4.70064e + 06 Р).

Offers for the sale of apartments from the website

Prospects for the development of gambling business in Montenegro

Today the gambling business of Montenegro is actively developing thanks to foreign investments. Investors are attracted by the successful combination of resort recreation areas and fairly loyal laws regarding the launch of a casino. Foreign funding contributes to faster and faster development of both land, and online gambling in the country. Also, the territory of the state is interesting both for investors, and for many tourists. Knowing this, local authorities are trying to support the country's gambling establishments - their number has long exceeded the mark 500.

The current situation makes it possible to predict, that the government of the country will not resort to any radical changes in legislation. After all, the gambling industry management system is so effective here, which is considered one of the best in the world. Land-based casinos, bookmakers, clubs with slot machines and lotteries annually bring more than 8.28 million. Net profit EUR. What is remarkable, all these funds are subsequently distributed to various social programs.

Statistics on the development of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in Montenegro

On 12 November 2020 in Montenegro fixed 24 865 cases of infection with coronavirus Covid-19. Over the past day, the number of people infected has not changed. The total number of deaths from coronavirus infection in Montenegro is 356 man, deaths have been recorded today. 7 967 man, of them 31 in critical condition. Mortality rate: 1.43%.Confirmed cases of complete cure for the virus today, 12 November 2020 in Montenegro: 16 542.

The graph shows the values ​​of the confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus infection in Montenegro by days from the beginning of the collection of official statistical information.

* Zero values ​​mean no data

Game in Kotor

The combination of medieval architecture and modern entertainment gives Kotor its flavor. It's nice to walk along its streets in the evening after an active beach holiday., sit in a cafe and taste the national Montenegrin cuisine. You can try your luck at several casinos in Montenegro, where the slot machines are installed, card tables, roulette.

Gambling establishments of Kotor:

  • Automaton Club ROYAL, Old city. Specializes in automatic slot machines, nice atmosphere, employees know Russian. Works with 11:00 in the morning.
  • Casino Pasha. The restaurant is open, there is live music, piano accompaniment. Nice and calm environment, good service staff. Closes in 11:00.

This type of recreation is not developed in Kotor.. For a good game, you can drive to Budva or Podgorica. There you can rent a villa or apartment for a day.

Language and people

Montenegro uses two equivalent alphabets - Latin and Cyrillic. Languages, spoken in Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, - related and very similar to each other. Many words in Montenegrin and Russian have common roots and origins..

In summer, in most tourist places you will be understood in Russian., and in English. I still haven't learned Montenegrin, but I speak English fluently and for two years I have never faced an insurmountable language barrier. In the bank, at the post office and in stores they understand me perfectly in English. On visa issues, I go to the police with an interpreter.

There are many jokes about laziness - "polako" of Montenegrins, who prefer to sit in a cafe, instead of working. As in other Mediterranean countries, the rhythm of life in Montenegro is very different from Moscow. Even during business hours, a bureaucrat is easier to find in a cafe., than in the workplace. I do not see anything wrong with this and I just take this feature into account., when I plan my business.

More than seventy percent of the population of Montenegro consider themselves Orthodox Christians. Church holidays play an important role in the life of Montenegrins. Main Holidays - Christmas, Easter and the feast of Glory. No pressure from religious people on those, who leads a secular life, no.

In recent years, they have tried to bring the legislation of Montenegro into line with the most liberal and tolerant norms of the European Union.. They strive to allow gay marriage and take domestic violence seriously.

Montenegrins love children. You can come with children to any institution, and they will be treated like full members of society. For two years of my life in Montenegro, I have not seen a single scene, when the locals yell at their children.

They like to smoke in the Balkans. 35% adults in Montenegro - smokers. Even a doctor in a clinic can sit with a cigarette in his own office.. Last year, Montenegro passed a law, no smoking indoors. Many doubted, that it will work. But the threat of high fines affected the establishments, and inside the restaurants they really stopped smoking. For violation of the ban on smoking in the premises, individuals can be fined 30-1000 € (71 815—2.39383e + 06 Р.), and legal - by 500-20 000 € (1 436 306—5.74522e + 07 Р).

Unfortunately, the ban on smoking does not yet apply to open verandas.

I feel completely safe in Montenegro, even when I run late at night along the embankment in a T-shirt and leggings. Montenegrins shake hands with a woman and do not let go of greasy jokes after. For two years of my life here, I have never heard a single rude word addressed to me..

Cultural features

Montenegrins are a friendly and benevolent nation, you will feel it already upon arrival at the airport. Everyone around is very friendly and ready to help a tourist caught by surprise. Everyone treats travelers the same way, as well as guests, and hospitality is in the blood of the Montenegrins. By the way, here, as in Russia, visiting empty-handed is simply not accepted. The inhabitants of the country are very sociable and cheerful, it is unlikely that you will hear something negative from someone in your address - in Montenegro this is simply not accepted. This little, but a proud and independent people with a rich history do their best to avoid conflicts.

From the peculiarities of life, one can single out leisurely, with which absolutely everything is done here. Also Montenegrins are quite lazy, which they themselves admit - they prefer to work a relaxed pastime on the seashore with a cup of coffee.

All about casinos in Montenegro

The working day in many establishments ends already at 16:00.

Montenegrins very much respect the traditions and culture of their country and respectfully accept other people's views and beliefs. Russians are treated well in Montenegro, the proximity of history and religion means a lot for the inhabitants of the country. Caught in a difficult situation, do not hesitate to ask for help from Montenegrins - in most cases, you will not be denied.

Local fines and bans

  • driving without headlights on is fine 30-80 €;
  • driving without wearing seat belts is a fine 40-100 €;
  • talking on the phone without a headset is fine 60-150 €;
  • drunk driving (more 0,3 ppm) - fine 70-2000 € and possible arrest for 60 days;
  • violation of overtaking rules - fine 100-450 €;
  • passing a red light is a fine 100-450 €;
  • oncoming traffic - fine 150-1000 €;
  • driving without a license is a fine 150-1000 €;
  • exceeding the speed limit - fine 30-2000 €;
  • violation of parking rules - fine 150 €;
  • using radar detectors is a fine 150-1000 € and the confiscation of the device;
  • violation of the rules for transporting children - fine 40-100 €;
  • riding motorcycles / mopeds without a helmet - fine 60-150 €;
  • crossing a street in the wrong place or at a prohibitory signal of a pedestrian traffic light - a fine 60-150 €;
  • a fine for smoking in public places - 25 €.

Montenegrin police are pretty strict in enforcing the rules.

National holidays

  • 1 January - New Year;
  • 6-8 January - Nativity of Christ or Bozhich;
  • 14 January - Old New Year;
  • 1 February - 1 Martha (Herceg Novi) - Mimosa Festival;
  • Kotor Carnival;
  • Easter or Vaskres;
  • 1 May - Labor Day;
  • 9 May - Victory Day;
  • 12 May - Day of St. Basil of Ostrog;
  • 21 May - Republic Day;
  • 3 June - Independence Day;
  • 14 June-15 August (Budva) - Theater Festival "City-Theater";
  • 13 July - State Day or Day of the Uprising.

Gambling establishments in Budva

Budva is a big resort in Montenegro. For the entertainment of tourists there are water attractions, water parks, discos, museums. Gambling travelers can visit gambling establishments. They are in hotels, separate halls are few. Montenegro has casinos with high stakes and for players on a lower budget.

All about casinos in Montenegro

Where to play in Budva:

  • Merit Casino Avala, Mediterranean 2. Located next to the Old Town, in a separate building. There are guards at the entrance, dress code not respected, but in swimming trunks and swimsuits will not be allowed. Bets from 20 euros, even on weekends.
  • Merit Casino Royal Splendid, Bechichi. Small hall, which has a card table, slot machines, roulette. Located in the hotel, making it harder to access. Bar is open, waiters.
  • Aman Sveti Stefan on the island of Sveti Stefan. Closed room for outsiders. Large playground, rates from 100 €.

In summer there is a large influx of players to these casinos, especially in the evening. For a good game, plan a hike in the afternoon or morning. Gambling establishments open from 10:00.

Is gambling business legal in Norway??

Only two state-owned companies are engaged in gambling in Norway. Only some areas of the gambling business are allowed in the country. Wherein, Norway is known for professional poker players. Annette Obrestad recently became famous (Annette Obrestad) - woman and youngest player, ever won a World Series of Poker bracelet.

A brief history of Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto

As already said, two state-owned companies control the entire gambling business in Norway. This is Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto.

All about casinos in MontenegroPhoto source: News of Gambling

Norwegian gambling

Norsk Tipping is a lottery company headquartered in Hamar (Soon). The firm offers a large selection of lotteries, sports and instant games. It is run by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, which defines, how much time and money can Norwegians spend on gambling.

The company was founded in 1948 year. Her profits go to the development of Norwegian sports and culture. When it was founded, only football betting functioned in the country. The block of shares was owned by three owners:

  • the state – 40%;
  • Norwegian Sports Federation – 40%;
  • Norwegian Football Association – 20%.

IN 1993 year, the state acquired 100% ACTION Norsk Tipping.

The company's website was launched in 1999 year. In November 2005 the company entered the mobile phone market.

Norsk Tipping offers the following games:

  • gambling: Lotto, Viking Lotto, Keno, Joker;
  • skill games: Tipping, The odds;
  • Flax scratch game;
  • TV game Extra.

The listed games require registration and a special payment card. Only those online games are legal, offered by Norsk Tipping.

Norsk Rikstoto

Norsk Rikstoto - also, which deals exclusively with horse racing in Norway. It is founded 24 september 1982 of the year, to legally run a tote called V6.

The organization was co-founded by the Norwegian Trotting Association and the Norwegian Jockey Club. Norsk Rikstoto is headquartered in Oslo.

IN 1996 year the company received the right to conduct all the sweepstakes in the country. Rikstoto Direkte's own TV channel has been operating for a long time. Conditional 3,7% the annual income of the enterprise goes to the state.

Of all types of sweepstakes in Norway, only horse racing is allowed. There are six tracks for trotting and one for gallop in the country..

Gambling regulators and laws, regulating the gambling industry in Montenegro

The entire gambling business in Montenegro is under state control. The main regulatory body is the Gambling Administration (Games of Chance Administration). All control functions in strict accordance with the Law on Gambling are performed by an authorized employee. His duties also include specific functions., related to the control of gambling. An authorized employee must be present at the opening, settlements and closing tables and slot machines in casinos (gambling clubs with slot machines), as well as for the daily calculation of cash registers and other work, which are related to the activities of gambling establishments.

Licensing in the gambling industry

Almost every entrepreneur can obtain a license to provide gambling entertainment., decided to start a gambling business (as offline, and online). Each type of gambling requires registration of a separate certificate. for example, a certificate for slot machines is issued for a period of 3 years with the possibility of extension for another 2 of the year. After the expiration of the certificate, the documents are resubmitted and checked.

To obtain a license to operate a gambling business, you need to go through several preliminary stages:

  • establish a limited liability company on the territory of the Republic of Montenegro. The organization must be formalized according to the rules, which are dictated by law;
  • prepare accounting accounts and open a bank account. You also need to get a bank guarantee, to confirm your solvency;
  • develop a website and a system for processing payments - when it comes to online gambling;
  • draw up and submit an application for registration of a new casino in the jurisdiction of the state.

After passing these stages, the operator needs to obtain permission from the government of Montenegro. Conditions for obtaining and validating a concession, following:

  • you must have at least a capital in the bank 300 thousand. EUR - for casinos, or 75 thousand. EUR - for gambling clubs;
  • during the period of the concession and during 30 days after the expiration of its validity period, have an account in the bank of Montenegro in the amount of 30% of the value of the company's share capital (or a bank guarantee in the amount of this amount);
  • there must be at least 50 thousand. EUR on 5 tables, and for each subsequent 5 tables - 20 thousand. EUR (there can be no less than five tables in the casino);
  • it is necessary to pay concession compensation to the state budget. From one casino or other gambling establishment is paid 50 thousand. EUR annually and by 10% from the income of the institution monthly;
  • casinos are not taxable.

Gambling Commission of Montenegro, deciding whether to issue a license for online gambling, is E-Gambling Montenegro. true, there are bad rumors around this organization. She is accused of issuing licenses to operators, who were caught working with unlicensed software from NetEnt and Greentube. But nonetheless, she continues her activities, authorized by the government of Montenegro.

Visa and tourist tax

Russians, who rest in Montenegro less 30 days, no visa needed, passport is enough. If you plan to stay longer, you need to get a visa at the consular section of the embassy in Moscow. Cost - 35 € (2415 Р). The maximum duration of a tourist visa is 90 days.

During 24 hours after entering the country, foreign citizens must be registered with the tourist organization or with the police at the place of stay. Usually travel agencies handle paperwork, hotel or apartment owners.

The tourist tax is also paid there - 0.7-1.2 € (48—83 Р) per day depending on the city. If you don't, at the airport can be fined. In Tivat, an employee of the organization told me, that in one day without registration you will have to pay 40 € (2760 Р).

If you are traveling on your own and renting an apartment, hosts can forget about registration, and at the airport you will be fined. Therefore, after checking in, it is better to ask the owner of the apartment for a receipt for registration payment.. If refuses, take the address and full name of the hotel owner from him and go to the tourist organization yourself.

All about casinos in MontenegroTourist organizations are usually located in the center. They are located on the ground floor of the building or in a separate kiosk. Organizations are closed on weekends: if you arrived on Saturday or Sunday, you can register on Monday.All about casinos in MontenegroIn Tivat, such tourist certificates are issued - with passport data. In other cities, they can give a regular cashier's check

What gives a residence permit in Montenegro

️ To live in Montenegro all year round without "driving to the border" - open a company for the sake of BORAVKA, ie. annual residence permit. Once in 12 months it needs to be renewed in time, to accumulate years. A local accountant helps with documents + you need to translate and nostrify the diploma, fresh police clearance certificate. Registration of the company and submission of documents for the boravock are not free, near 250 — 300 euros, I write roughly, I don’t remember the amount ... If intermediaries do, then the amount will increase to 500 — 700 euros. You will pay taxes monthly + Salary for an accountant, even for the firm "zero".

There is a large company in the company - this is MEDSTRAKHOVKA, part of taxes goes to her. I somehow got an operation for appendicitis, saving several thousand euros ... In Montenegro, although medicine is weak, I often use the services of private clinics, but I do not disdain the state.

️If you have bought property in Montenegro, then you will also get BORAVOK, but without medical insurance

This type of residence permit gives you the right to reside in Montenegro without a visa, no matter what citizenship you have

️Boravok in Montenegro can be obtained by marriage with a Montenegrin or by family reunification with a spouse and children up to 18 years (eg, Russian husband works here, then the whole family will receive medical insurance).

IMPORTANT - if you do not live 11 months of the year in Montenegro, your boravok will not be extended ... and you will start all over again. And everyone wants to collect years, dream of a 5-year-old "steel boravka", although rarely does anyone achieve it

So that there is no refusal to renew, you can leave a statement with the Inspector for Foreigners about the need to leave the country, but no more than 90 days a year.

️ By studying at the University, you can also get a boravok, but he will be on 9 months, and the summer will have to live in tourist mode. But for adult children, who went to study, not work in Montenegro, this is an option.

️ Montenegro practically does not give citizenship. I consider this decision to be political, the population of the country is too small - 622 thousand, and every vote in the elections is important, the country has been ruled by one person for a couple of decades I personally do not see the point of another citizenship, the main thing for me is freedom of movement and a legal basis for life here.

Although girls on Instagram write to me, what are they after 5 years of marriage offered Montenegrin citizenship, but I personally have never met such people, who accepted him. You can get a Montenegrin passport for 250-500 thousand euros, invested in the country's economy (buy not a private villa )

All about casinos in Montenegromountain Bukumir lake

My life in Montenegro

Today, 4 june, smooth 9 years, how I moved to live in Montenegro. The decision was adventurous, but I really wanted to change my life! I'm tired of living in a metropolis "like a squirrel in a wheel", I wanted calm, warmth and some new round in fate. At first, with fear, I twisted the questions in my head - How will I live in a new country??- Will there be enough money, making money online, quitting a stable job on the radio?- How to learn a new language? (This was the biggest fear, languages ​​are not easy at age)- Where will I live? It is not easy to find inexpensive accommodation in the summer season ...
Lots of questions, fears, uncertainties, at the same time ease - I gave myself test 3 months. Of course, living in the resort town of Budva in the summer is not at all the same, what a rainy, uncrowded winter

The first year of the year was not pleasant, any emigrant goes through this - looking for the right authorities, unwillingness to communicate in a foreign language, some laws and taxes, new environment, sometimes lack of money, completely alien mentality, rather highlanders, than the European Slavs ...

Only 3 years later, I felt like in Montenegro, at ease. And then the crisis broke out 2014, he pushed to go into tourism and earn excursions, most importantly - in euros, and not in rubles on the Internet, although I have not abandoned this job to this day. New acquaintances and hobbies have appeared, final falling in love with the country and understanding, what am i doing in it, how can I be useful to tourists and Montenegro itself. IN 2017 appeared Andrey and the Yacht "Fox", where we now live with a cat. And all, I fell in love with the country, I accepted her, the way she is. About 7 years of life in Montenegro post here.

By the way, to Everest I carried the Montenegrin flag so my soul wanted, with gratitude for that, what this country gave me

All about casinos in Montenegrocanyon of the river Mrtvitsa

Deposit and withdrawal

Lotto Agent account is kept in dollars. Transfer in rubles is automatically converted into dollars. The account is replenished for 1 times at least $15 and at most $300

Funding methods:

A type Way Commission
Payment system Skrill 0 %
Yandex money 10 %
WebMoney 4 %
Qiwi 8 %
Map Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, WORLD 3 %
Mobile operator MTS, Beeline, Megaphone, Tele-2 7.5 %

No matter the way, money comes to the account immediately.

Withdraw money from the account, in addition to methods of replenishment, it is possible to cryptocurrency wallets Ethereum, LiteCoin и BitCoin. Minimum amount - $15. Commissions for withdrawal:

  • WebMoney — 0.8 %;
  • cards - 5 %;
  • cryptocurrency - 0 %;
  • other payment systems and mobile operators - 2 %;

The site announced a 3-day translation period, but in fact, the money is credited to the account within 1 days after application.

More $1 000 withdrawn through the bank. Terms and commissions depend on the conditions of a particular bank.

For withdrawal more $100 000 contact technical support.

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