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European lotteries

Lotteries in Europe are extremely popular. According to statistics, they took part in them at least once in their life 70% population, and most of them do it regularly. The main and largest draws are listed here.


Try your luck at Eurojackpot →

One of the youngest European lotteries, to which with 2012 the residents of the European Union are playing. Now participants can take part in the drawing 14 countries. Held weekly on Fridays.

    • Rules of the game: the participant must choose 5 numbers from 50, and two additional out of ten
    • Probability to hit the jackpot: one chance at 95,5 million
    • Possible winnings start at ten million euros and can reach ninety million.
  • There are several internet sites, who are licensed to sell online tickets
  • Participants must be at least 18 years, but age can be changed depending on, what are the laws of his home country


Try your luck at Euromillions →

This lottery already 15 years, it is currently available in thirteen countries.

  • Draws are held in Paris twice a week: on tuesday and friday
  • The player must independently or using a random number generator choose five numbers from fifty and two lucky numbers from twelve
  • Probability of winning: hit the jackpot there is one chance 117 million
  • The real chance of getting any prize is one in thirteen
  • There is a limit for the jackpot, which equals 185 million euros. All amounts, exceeding it, go to the winner of the next category
  • Residents of countries can play, participating in the lottery, reached 18 years. In the UK it is allowed to play games with 16 years

Superenalotto (Italy)

Play Superenalotto →

The Superenalotto lottery is held under the flag of Italy three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  • The player needs to choose six numbers within sixty
  • That one breaks the jackpot, who guessed all six numbers
  • Jackpot has no limit, accordingly, it can increase without restrictions to any amount, until one of the players wins
  • The minimum amount is two million euros

The primitive (Spain)

Buy a ticket, and get the second one as a gift! →

Spanish National Lottery, which is held twice a week. La Primitiva lottery more 250 years, although from the 60s of the XIX century to the 80s of the XX century, no editions were carried out.

  • You must choose 6 numbers from 49
  • The jackpot is ultimately won by that player, which, in addition to all six numbers, also matched the bonus number from one to nine - it is affixed on the ticket before, how will they buy it. For this number (it's called Reintegro) there is a separate lottery drum (Lottothrill) with nine balls
  • The minimum bank is three million euros in increments of four hundred thousand. He has no limit

Easy (Spain)

Play Bonoloto →

Spanish lottery Bonoloto is one of the most popular. Draws in it are held four times a week.

  • You must select six numbers from 1 to 49
  • Jackpot starts with an amount of 400 thousand euros, due to frequent circulations, significant values. The maximum draw in history is considered to be the draw of seven million euros.

Fat (Spain)

Play El Gordo →

Weekly Sunday Spanish Lottery.

  • The player chooses 5 numbers from one to fifty-four and one additional digit in the range from zero to nine
  • Jackpot starts from one hundred thousand euros, not limited

Christmas lottery (Spain)

Take part in the Christmas draw from Loteria de Navidad →

Annual Christmas Lottery, which is more than two hundred years old, held at the end of December in Spain. Almost the entire adult population of the country plays it.

Since the Loteria de Navidad lottery (sorry for the tautology) is an international, then residents of other states can try their luck in it. In the drawing, at least 11 different categories of prizes, the payoff of the largest amount is 4 million euros.

Rules of the game: just buy a ticket. Each one is divided into ten parts, one piece costs twenty euros. You can purchase any quantity.

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